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1000 square metres. Two floors. 48 meters above sea level. TAK is located on Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm city – together with the Nordic Choice Hotels At Six and Hobo they are part of Urban Escape Stockholm.

TAK has been designed and furnished by award-winning architect Gert Wingårdh. The result is a Nordic environment with elegant and Japanese elements in architecture, interior and feel. A timeless and disarming atmosphere which is perfected by the spectacular view.

A visit to TAK should be something out of the ordinary. Therefore, we only work with carefully selected suppliers that share our philosophy.

Our sake comes from Akebono, Sweden’s largest importer of sake. The biodynamic and organic wines are provided by Enjoy Wine, Savino and Kvalitetsvinet. Together with the Kiuchi Brewery in Japan we brew our own beer, and together with Kobe-Shu-Shin-Kan we have our own special sake, with a label designed by Frida.

Our amazing potatoes with notes of algae and ocean is grown especially for us at Ugglarps Grönt in Falkenberg.

Food and beverages in all its glory. But without glasses and plates they would be nothing. Our fantastic glasses, as well as the special made sake set Frida has developed together with the famous glass artist Erika Lagerbeilke, comes from Orrefors. Our beautiful ceramics are handmade by Anna Lindell in her pottery workshop at the childhood home Rosendal in Jönåker.


Sustainable produce!

At Tak, sustainability is an unwritten law and we work actively with scouting produce that fulfil the high standards of ECO-friendly. When we look at producers and suppliers that we are interested in working with we always make sure that they live up to the same standards as us, we make sure that our partners produce and transport their produce in a environmentally safe and CO2-friendly way.

MSC/ASC certified fish and shellfish is a part of this work that we focus more on. We believe that it is very important that we as a company do our very best not to make a negative impact on the oceans.

Ecological produce stands for a sustainable and responsible work , therefor the KRAV-certification is a natural choice for us to be certified by.