TAK consists of four unique concepts over two floors, they are all open for reservations and you will find information and links for reservations below, welcome up!



Modern Scandinavian food culture influenced by Japanese cooking methods and flavours. Complex creations that are easy to like. Made with local produce, carefully selected by season. A genuine craftsmanship in every detail, from the cuisine to the sake glasses specially made for us. Come for lunch, brunch or dinner!

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At our sister restaurant UNN, we offer a visionary gastronomic experience that words simply cannot describe. It must be sensed at our table. Behind closed doors. UNN is located inside TAK’s restaurant and has only eight seats and two serving per evening.

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Sashimi, tartars and oysters. Sake, wines and craft beer. Here, we serve raw food in unexpected combinations, flavoured with care. Have a seat, watch everything being cooked on site and experience high-level fun dining, in a vibrant environment. Many of the dishes here are perfect to share, and instead of small tables we seat everyone at community tables.

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Celebrating your 30´s birthday or going on date this weekend? At our small cocktailbar; BUR you can reserve your own space for up to 40 guests for you and your friends. You can also reserve seats for a date or a catch up with a friend during weekends, seated service for just a cocktail or when up for it bar food and more. Welcome to our latest edition on floor 14!

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Sake dinner 22nd of May

On the 22/5 we will get a visit from Amabuki Brewery in Saga, Japan. We will serve a menu signed Frida Ronge paired with amazing sake brewed with flower yeast. Mt. Amabuki is located in the northeast of our brewery. For its magnificent appearance, we were named after the mountain. Amabuki Shuzo has been producing sake for 300 years, and its brewers, who have inherited skills accumulated during its long history, are earnestly making an effort to produce good sake using sake-brewing rice harvested in the fertile Saga Plain, mild river-bed water from the Sefuri-Tensan areas, and new flower yeast. Flower Yeasts and Amabuki At Amabuki, we use flower yeast, a type of yeast that has been extracted from flowers. Flower yeasts are full of individuality, and each type of flower yeast has its own, clearly distinct flavor and aroma, such as the fruity and sharp profile of abelia, or the sophisticated fragrance and robust flavor of marigold that create a profile perfectly suited for warmed sake.

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