Sushi Class with Frida Ronge

Nourish your dream of becoming a sushi chef and sign up for a masterclass in Sushi, led by Frida Ronge, sushi pioneer and author of the best-selling cookbook ‘Rå som Sushi’. Here you will learn everything you need to be able to continue making Sushi at home and impress future dinner guests. We go through everything from mixing sushi rice, cut sashimi for nigiri, and how to roll maki and make gunkan. Frida also talks about her love for Japanese cooking and her commitment to working with Nordic ingredients.

You end the evening together at TAK’s Izakaya where you can eat your own Sushi in combination with some classics from the menu. The class consists of 8 participants, and our goal is for you to know the basics of sushi cooking after completing the course.

This package also includes a drink at the IMA cocktail bar, and a Hobo stay with breakfast at Atsix. The booking is confirmed by credit card, and cancellation needs to be done at least three days before the booking opportunity.

Saturday January 23rd 2021
Saturday, February 20th  2021



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