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On the 14th floor, our Art & Music Curator, Julio “Julle” Chichelnitzky, creates a living place for art exhibitions focusing on photo art and local artists.

The music at TAK is everything between soul, funk, afro, disco and house. In addition the regularly DJs every Thursday-Saturday. He also invites different clubs who plays at TAK, local but also international live music and DJs. You will find stage and dance floor on plan 14 with the city’s best view.

Check out our EVENT for more info on specific bookings and vernissage.

Do you have questions or maybe want to play with us or exhibit your art? Please contact Julle på




Slobodan Zivic’s longstanding work in digital imagery is an engagement in which he continually questions the norma-tive definitions of visual communication and diverse digital aesthetics.
Indiscriminately experimenting with all kinds of visual media. He is mastering his own “hybrid” of diverse disciplines. With the intention of always moving towards the unexpected, away from the established, he continued to find ways of exploring the outskirts of norms – regardless of the project.

Implementing design and art direction for culture and lifestyle oriented establishments, working cross disciplinary to realize this vision. With ties to the music industry his body of work sees the visual identities of several noted artists and ventures. Zivic’s new direction is a more independent, self-actualizing and most importantly a self-critical approach in his work. He lives and works in Stockholm, his work has previously been exhibited with galleries such as hangmenProjects (cu-rated by C-print), Galleri Jonas Kleerup, Skomakeriet and group shows as “So Long St Salong” (curated by Alexandra Karpilovski) and Christian Cherry Ling, “Birger Jarl Rmx” by Ilja Karilampi and Martin Kozlowski.

This fall (2018) – he executed a guerrilla installation which served as commentary on the urban congestion problem and environmental deterioration in Stockholm. Where he covered parked vehicles with tarps – expressing the simple yet loaded message: “Breathe.” ”Im happy to present the swedish/serbian artist Slobodan Zivic and his recent work. He is presenting a new vibrant langauge in objects. This specific mixed media work is something i’ve have not experienced before.”



In collaboration with Soundscape Orchestra Per Josephson have sampled freely from their sound pics. The foundation is a retroactive jazz loop, analog scratches and dust. Electronic moments and futuristic rambles scratch and sharpen in the art, an unstable moment when everything happens live. Its a great privilege to have Per´s unique and futuristic art here at TAK Gallery. His effort of blending music and art into one, is perfectly aligned with our vision.

Per Josephson (born 1971) is a modern storyteller and artist. He borrows, reuses and recycles materials, creating new and powerful visual entities. “I steal, sample, allow myself to be inspired by the great masters. This is the foundation of my art,” says Josephson, describing his unique style.


For more information and price inquiry contact:
Julio Chichelnitzky
Music & Art Curator