Nordic Seafarm: A blue revolution

In the heart of an ocean-side research institution, where curiosity and innovation flowed as freely as the tides, a group of Marine Biologists and scientists embarked on a transformative journey - asking “what environmental impact does a large scale seaweed farm have on ocean health?". The answer was so great that Nordic Seafarm was founded, and a vision of a regenerative planet catalyzed by seaweed was created.

Nordic SeaFarm is at forefront of democratizing seaweed by growing high value species at massive scale in the ocean.

Research & development is in Nordic SeaFarms DNA, and that is why they have successfully completed multiple EU-research projects over the years and why they continuously break through with new innovative ways of farming seaweed at scale in the ocean. They exist to drive change and to create a regenerative and prosperous planet.

Today, Nordic SeaFarm is one of Europe's leading producers of sustainably farmed seaweed and works with a range of stakeholders to develop new products and services. We have control over the whole value chain, from spores to product, and only produce the highest quality product.

At TAK we try to use products that are sourced from local producers, and leave as little of an imprint on the environment and climate as possible, while producing food for hundreds every day. We are happy to sponsor Nordic Seafarm in their mission to fight climate change, and even if we know that it's a small step in a bigger picture, we that know Nordic Seafarm works to make a huge difference in our Swedish waters.

Want to learn more? Visit Nordic Seafams website by click ing on the link below.

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