TAK ❤️ MySeafarm - Seaweed program on the west coast of Sweden

MySeafarm started in 2020 in collaboration with a few restaurants
as an exclusive seaweed program where restaurants could grow their
own seaweed at our farm, and have seaweed delivered to them
before anyone else on the market. 

Seaweed reduces ocean acidification, promotes marine biodiversity
and removes carbon and other toxics from our waters. It is a win-win
program for restaurants that want to have an exclusive delivery of
seaweed before anybody else, get top quality seaweed when it is at
it's prime and simultaneously do something good for our waters.
This impact program is created for those who care for the health of
our waters, and want to be a part of a growing community working
towards a sustainable future.
TAK is proud to be in collaboration with MySeafarm and contributing to our oceans health and wellbeing. You can find the seaweed on our menu from February 2024.

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Restaurangen är stängd den 29 april, men terrassen och Izakayan håller öppet som vanligt.

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