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LGBT+ Stockholm = TAK

Stockholm LGBT is the city’s rainbow family of LGBT friendly travel businesses. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans. Sweden has a reputation for being one of the most open-minded, welcoming countries in the world. It’s a place where diversity and inclusion is important, thus making it a fantastic travel destination for LGBT+ people from all over the world. STHLM LGBT+ is a  membership-based network of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other partners who are committed to upholding Stockholm’s reputation as one of the most diverse and inclusive cities in the world.

Restaurant TAK stands for an inclusive diversity, we do not accept any racism,  and all kinds of bullying.
All staff and guests have equal value regardless of gender, sexual orientation and origin.

TAK is located in the heart of Stockholm. It is a restaurant, a raw bar and a rooftop bar all rolled up into one. The rooftop bar is located 55 meters above ground and is the perfect place to enjoy a breath-taking view over the city while sipping on an drink, all year around. The food is a fresh mix between modern Scandinavian food culture with strong influences from Japan, all directed by the culinary leader Frida Ronge. At TAK there is a down to earth atmosphere still a very high knowledge.
As an extra bonus you can also find Sweden´s largest selection of sake and the most talented sake sommeliers

Welcome to the roof of Stockholm!