Welcome to Temaki-Bonanza, our brunch at TAK!

Every Saturday at 11.30 we invite you to our Temaki Brunch, it is served at your table, almost like a buffĂ© but without queing 😉 All this to the very resonable price of 295 SEK per person, desert included!

You will roll your own Temaki cones and fill them with your favourite produce. From the speakers a great mix of house and disco is flowing, all in a warm and vibrant environment. When it comes to beverag we offer a wide range of everything from our own crafted Yuzu beer to sake of highest quality. Enjoy your “Temaki moment” with us, every Saturday!

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During the summer season our brunch will be served on our rooftop terrace with our amazing view. Except from Temaki we will offer many other goodies like:

Green smoothie
Grilled sausages
Chia pudding
Noodle salad
Tofu salad
Green salad with radishes
Marinated eggs
Temaki set
Grilled salmon with chimichurri
Grilled and glazed ribs
Fried rice
Vegan brownie
Fruit salad