Welcome to our brunch at TAK!

Every Saturday from 12.00 we serve our popular temaki-brunch in the restaurant at floor 13.

You will roll your own Temaki cones and fill them with your favourite produce like; salmon sashimi, japanese omelett, grilled pork neck, enoki mushrooms, deep fried pork rind, trout roe, soy sauce marinated eggs , fried yuzukosho sausage turnip gari, salad, soy sauce and sesame mayonnaise and rice.

From the speakers a great mix of house and disco is flowing, all in a warm and vibrant environment. When it comes to beverage we offer a wide range of everything from our own crafted Yuzu beer to sake of highest quality, the price is 295 SEK per person.

Enjoy your “Brunch moment” with us, every Saturday!